Zelda and Hilda Spellman
General Information
Age: Centuries old
Species: Witches/Sorceresses
Resides: Witch World (originally)
Earth (present)
Occupation: Owners of Spellman's Brew
Residents of the human world
Powers/Abilities: Levitation
Use of spellbooks and talismans
Protection spells
High knowledge of various magical artifacts and spells
Nicknames: Zelma and Holly
Zippy and Heidi
Family: Vesta (older sister)
Edward (late brother)
Diana (sister-in-law, deceased)
Sabrina (niece)
Ambrose (nephew)
Friends: Jessie
Pet(s): Salem
Frenemies: Enchantra
Series Information
First seen: "Dances with Werewolves"
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Zelda and Hilda Spellman are exceedingly strong and highly knowledgeable witches/sorceresses of great magical power and potential. They reside in the human world in the city of Greendale and own the bakery shop Spellman's Brew, where they sell muffins, cookies, brownies, and all kinds of soft drinks. The two are very close and devoted sisters and are the older sisters' of Sabrina's late father Edward, which makes them Sabrina's paternal aunts. Zelda is the eldest of the two and the most mature. They teach their niece to fully control her innate magical powers and gladly help her whenever they can on anything magical and supernatural occurring in either the human or magical worlds. Hilda's innate magical aura is colored bright yellow while Zelda's magical aura is colored a reddish-maroon.

They both constantly rely on their magical abilities to solve anything and do not like being bothered by any normal tasks. In the seventeenth episode, A Renewed Sense of Magic, the two sisters had forgotten to send in their magic licensee renewal form, which had prevented them from doing any magic. To make matters worse, they had soon psychologically reverted back to their early teenage years (likely around thirteen or fourteen years old), due to their magic license expiring.

They are experts at making useful potions in the black cauldron and increasingly powerful spells of various types of magic to aid Sabrina. It has not yet been explained why Hilda and Zelda remain in the human world and do not go to the Witch World from time to time.  In Home Sweet Home, it is revealed that the sisters dislike stakes very much, as even thinking of them makes them shiver. In the episode, Careful What You Witch For! Zelda's wish was to get married.

Personality Edit

As the eldest, Zelda is the most mature and practical one of the two. She makes sure that her younger sister doesn't get into any mess ups or trouble with her own magic. She is also quite reserved and more knowledgeable about the many uses of various magical artifacts, charms, talismans, stones, and potions.  

Different from her older sister, Hilda is quite clumsy and the cheerful optimist of the two. She is always helpful on Sabrina's troubles; both magical or ordinary situations. In, Chariots of FearHilda gladly disguised her as her niece, so that she could take her place in showing her biology presentation at Greendale High School.


  • The sisters' feelings towards Enchantra is mutual, as they are displeased by the fact that she had ignored them back when they were fellow students at Witch School.