Witch School
Vital statistics
Type Castle
Level Unknown
Location In the very heart of Witch World
Inhabitants Enchantra (headmistress)
Professor Giest
Londa and Zonda
Sabrina (frequently)
Witch School is the main magic school for wizards and witches, sorcerers and sorceresses of all sorts to further study and learn how to control their own magic as well as being taught the various types of magic and sorcery there is in existence.

History Edit

Enchantra had taken over the main school of magic as its headmistress/principal and also started teaching certain low-to-high levels of witchcraft and sorcery to her son Shinji and several others on how to learn to further strengthen and fully tap into their own magical abilities in order to reach their highest potential as witches and wizards in the magical world.

Some time later, Professor Giest then took over as teacher; teaching the students transfiguration, nature magic, invisibility spells, fire magic, and even the prospect of potion-making.

Trivia Edit

  • It is said that one who takes "the Journey of Ten Thousand Steps" trek is an even higher level in a wizard or witch's basic education, as stated in "Chariots of Fear."
  • Many decades ago, a much younger Enchantra had also been a witch-in-training along with Zelda and Hilda, who were two of her classmates back then.