Sabrina, the Troll Princess
Season One, Episode Fourteen
Vital statistics
Air date March 15, 2014
Written by Unknown
Directed by Unknown
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Ultra-Stitious Baby-Witching
Sabrina, the Troll Princess is the fourteenth episode of Sabrina: Secrets of a Teenage Witch.  


Sabrina is hit by a mind-wipe raven and losses her memory entirely. While Veralupa and Ambrose search for a memory-restoring spell, the trolls cunningly trick the amnesic Sabrina into thinking that she is their princess Witch-Basher and hates all witches and wizards. Sabrina later lauches an attack on Witch School with a long stick-like weapon, which alarms Enchantra who is determined to discover the truth of Sabrina's unusual behavior. 

Meanwhile, Sabrina escapes and goes to the human world and starts acting weird in front of her best friends Jim and Jessie. Jessie informs Zelda and Hila about their niece's strangeness. Veralupa and Ambrose succeed in finding the spell and restores all of Sabrina's memories as a half witch. She defeats the trolls and thanks her best friend and first cousin for helping her to remember who she really is: Sabrina; half witch and half human, princess of Witch World and heir to the throne.