Return of the Werewolf is the ninth episode of Sabrina: Secrets of a Teenage Witch.

"Return of the Werewolf"
Season One, Episode Ninth
Vital statistics
Air date December 7, 2013
Written by Unknown
Directed by Unknown
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Best Friends Fighting Creatures and Caves


It is another full moon, and Sabrina must find and defend Harvey when he transforms into a violent werewolf for the second time. As she cannot communicate with him, Sabrina turns to her best friend Veralupa, who uses her half-werewolf side to calm him down. In a movie theater, a scary movie titled Return of the Werewolf Again! Part Two: Howl Harder is being seen by Amy and a reluctant Jim. But everything is interrupted when Harvey the nerdy human-turned Werewolf comes and wrecks the place. 

Mrs. Titan, along with Amy and Jim , demand the truth of what is going on. Grudgingly, Sabrina reveals to the shocked crowd that she is half-witch and that her best friend, Veralupa, is half-werewolf, and how she can do magic in the human world, despite of the fact that she is not allowed to. Ecstatic that she was right all along, Ms. Titan says that she will tell the whole world that magic does indeed exist. But Sabrina says that she and Veralupa will do a time-reversing spell so no one will remember anything what she, Sabrina, said. Sabrina confesses to Jim that she really likes him, and how she could not go out with him because she was taking care of supernatural things out in the magical world. To everyone's amazement, Sabrina and Veralupa do the time-reversion spell and Harvey is transformed back into a human again.