A contagious disease is coming around in the magical world, which causes its victims to lose more of their magic every time they sneeze. Despite being magically protected, Enchantra comes down with the disease as well, demanding that Sabrina and Shinji go the human world to find the source of the disease. The bickering duo reluctantly go to Greendale where Amy develops a romantic crush on Shinji, as she thinks he is cute, which annoys and disgusts the exceptionally powerful wizard of being liked by a human girl.

They are later led to Sabrina's own locker, which is infected and crawling with disease and flies. They go to Spellman's Brew to return to Witch World, but the portal prevents them from doing so, as their own magic has vanished entirely. Hilda and Zelda suddenly come up with tea, which cures the witches and wizards of their sickness instantly. Sabrina and Shinj return to Witch World to stop the barrage of trolls, who planned to attack the powerless witches and wizards. Enchantra drinks the honey tea, which she enjoys greatly, prompting Sabrina to tell her aunts how much everyone likes it.  


  • It seems that Sabrina had caught the common cold from the bacteria in her locker, as she was sneezing, had a sore throat, fever, and stuffed up runny nose.