Witch World
Vital statistics
Type Parallel world
Level 10
Location Somewhere in the vastness of space
Inhabitants Enchantra
Londa and Zonda
Professor Giest
The magical world (called Witch World) is the secret, hidden magical world far away from Earth where all kinds of magical beings are born and live to become the strongest sorcerers or sorceresses alive. It seems not to be an actual planet, but an inter-dimensional parallel world. It has three moons and a huge castle-like magic school in the center for various witches and wizards in training, which is run by the evil Enchantra. Sabrina's father, Edward, hailed from the magical world where he was supposedly king and, onto his romance with her human mother and untimely death.

When it is daytime, the vast sky is colored a reddish-pink while at night it is a pale yellow color full of twinkling stars.The trees are purple with dark green leaves. The flora and animal species are quite unusually rare and some are immune to magic. Various magical creatures inhabit the endless forests; such as trolls, dragons, blue-spotted frogs, ravens, griffins, rock monsters, ice giants, and ogres. It has not yet been confirmed whether or not fairies or nymphs live in the supernatural world. There is also a river and a canyon-like region.  

It is eight hours ahead of the human world where there are only two hours on Earth. 


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