"Faking Up is Hard to Do!"
Season One, Episode Six
Vital statistics
Air date November 16, 2013
Written by Unknown
Directed by Unknown
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No Time! Hic! Hic! Boom!
Faking Up Is Hard to Do! is the sixth episode of Sabrina: Secrets of a Teenage Witch. 


Sabrina is strongly smitten romantically infatuated with Jim. This leaves her unable to concentrate in class in Witch World, leaving Enchantra to believe that Sabrina is romantically enamored with her son, Shinji. She insists that Sabrina attend a romantic dinner with her and Shinji on Friday night, which is also the exact same night of the dance at Greendale High School.  

However, the so-called "romantic dinner" later turns into an all-out food fight between Sabrina and Shinji when Enchantra is out of the room. Sabrina realizes that Shinji was the one attacking her using the cloaking crystal of Cromethemus, which keeps it possessor magically protected from any spell, conjure or attack. 


  • The title is a play on the 1970s romance song Breaking Up is Hard to Do! by Elton John
  • Sabrina's secret and intense romantic affections for Jim are fully apparent in this episode, as is Shinji's secret crush on her. 
  • Sabrina's late wizard father is cruelly mentioned by Enchantra.